Life Beyond Trauma: 1-on-1 e-NET for Parents of Neurodiverse

Have you experienced traumatic situations with your neurodiverse child?

Have you experienced Posttraumatic Stress, e.g. disturbing memories of traumatic situations with your neurodiverse child?

Such traumatic experiences can have a huge impact on you as a parent and the whole family. To support parents who struggle with such challenging memories, we designed this research project. The program consists of:

  • 12 confidential one-on-one sessions with a trained trauma coach
  • Free of cost
  • Video chat sessions – no need to leave your home
  • Discuss joyful and challenging experiences throughout your life
  • Based on Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), known to help persons who have experienced multiple traumas


  • Improve the well-being of parents and their families
  • Raise awareness on the consequences of Posttraumatic Stress Injury in parents
  • Make mental health care more accessible and affordable for parents
  • Examine the satisfaction and effectiveness of the program for parents
  • Implement the program on a permanent basis across Canada