• Benefit from talking about your experiences in a safe and confidential environment
  • Learn new skills to help you manage your PTSI symptoms
  • Interactive and individualized program
  • Highly confidential
  • Entirely voluntary

The Life Beyond Trauma program includes:

Online survey

Find out if this program would be a good fit for you by participating in our survey “Surviving and Thriving in Parenting Neurodiverse Children”. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes.

Participate in survey

Find out more about the SURVEY.

Information and consent process:

  • If you are eligible and interested in the program, participate in an information call with one of our coaches where we will explain the program and answer any questions you have
  • If you wish to participate, you can give your consent at the end of the call
  • Approx. 30 minutes.


  • Before the program starts, we will ask you to answer some more questions about your current well-being
  • You will be randomly assigned to take part in the program immediately or after a 3-month waiting period
  • Approx. 20 minutes.

Note: If you are in the waitlist group, we will ask you to fill out this questionnaire again after 3 months when you begin the program. You will receive $25 for this additional time commitment.


  • 12 weekly sessions that take around 60-90 minutes each
  • Sessions will take place via video calls with a trained coach

You will need:

  • A private room that you feel comfortable in
  • High-speed wifi
  • A computer, laptop or tablet.

After the program:

  • Complete another survey giving us feedback on your experience
  • Surveys will take place directly after the program, and 2 and 6 months later
  • Each survey takes approximately 30 minutes 
  • Receive a $25 gift card for each of these surveys you complete
  • If you are interested, receive information about the results of this research project.

Who will conduct the Life beyond Trauma program with you?

  • All sessions will take place with a coach
  • Coaches are university graduates with relevant degrees
  • Coaches have received extensive training in e-NET
  • Coaches are familiar with the unique challenges of parenting neurodiverse children
  • All coaches will be closely supervised by senior staff with experience in e-NET and distance programs